Jan Gisler
9829 Pine Lake Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


About Us

I love all things vintage...I even love the old peally paint on the old windows, doors and frames that I use for my work. 
I had a shopper walk through my booth in Canton Texas..she said " Its like taking a walk back in time." That made me smile. 
I love making wind chimes from vintage silver pieces and silver ware. My dog beds come in all sizes from tiny to king size..
I recycle old headboards..old drawers from chests of drawers and old chairs to make my beds.

I have an assortment of vintage travel posters, postcards and packing labels most from around 1880 to 1911.
Old cigar boxes become shadow boxes for vintage dolls and any thing else that's old and unusual. 
I have fun and I love my work...

My Business name Truly Blessed , because I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love.

Upcoming Show Schedule:

July 5 Wimberly Market Day
July 11-13 Larry's OLd Time Trade Days - Winnie TX
July 19-20  Gruene Market Days August 2 Wimberly Market Day
August 16-17 Gruene Market Days

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